Sam + holy shit woah in ‘Dead Water’

Reblog if you’re over 10 and you still have stuffed animals on your bed or in your room.




A Pixie is a small, bright blue mischief-maker, and loves tricks and practical jokes


He could play a magician


Johanna’s ensemble exudes her fierce strength and enduring pride- a true darling of the Capitol.


holland roden + favorite hairstyles


Harry Judd's birthday message for Vicky Jones.

feeling a bit less stressed about my holiday now.
just printed off everything i need for my flights and then worked out what time trains we should need to get for the games tomorrow and friday.

should have plenty of time to pack thursday and friday anyway so i think i can calm down a bit now and start looking forward to it all.  

i’ve been panicking about trains thinking it would be mental trying to get to the SECC/Hydro but i suppose in theory it’s not going to be much more busy than when there’s an event on there so that’s relaxed me a bit.


misha “squints a lot” collins (x)

Supernatural + Funny moments

carry. 25. uk. INTP.

hufflepuff | baratheon

i spend my time listening to mcfly, swooning over knights and heros, hoping i don't run into demons while i cross stitch.

not a spoiler free blog.

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